What benefits does LAIX Design Membership offer in comparison to hiring a full-time designer?

Experience autonomy with LAIX Design Membership. Enjoy premium designs at your pace, effortlessly pausing and resuming as needed, eliminating unproductive downtime. Our membership prioritizes flexibility, creativity, and cost-effectiveness, all curated to meet your unique requirements with precision and professionalism.

What is the maximum limit for design requests permitted within the monthly membership?

Elevate your creative endeavors with the LAIX monthly membership, providing you with the freedom of unlimited design requests. Embrace the abundance of possibilities as we transform your ideas into reality, prioritizing quality and innovation, one design request at a time.

What is the anticipated turnaround time for the completion of designs under the membership?

Embracing a commitment to swift creativity, we ensure most designs are expertly crafted within a rapid timeframe of two days or less. However, for more intricate projects, we prioritize precision over speed, assuring you that each masterpiece receives the meticulous attention it deserves, delivered with utmost care and dedication.

May I know about the assigned designers responsible for the design work?

At LAIX (laɪks), I am the sole creator, ensuring a personalized design experience. From inception to completion, I am your dedicated partner, bringing your vision to life with creativity and precision. With unwavering commitment, I pledge to deliver high-quality designs and maintain seamless communication throughout the process.

Could you provide a concise explanation of how the Membership's Pause Feature operates?

Certainly! Experience the epitome of flexibility with the LAIX Pause Feature – your design power nap. Whether you require a brief respite from the design flurry or encounter a temporary project delay, simply activate the pause feature. Your membership remains dormant until you’re prepared to reengage in the creative process. Stress-free and fuss-free – it’s design on your terms!

Which design programs do you utilize for creating designs?

Leveraging the formidable design capabilities of the Adobe Creative Suite, I wield a potent magic wand to craft visually stunning creations that command attention. Your designs are assuredly imbued with top-notch professional artistry, reflecting a commitment to excellence and creating a lasting impact.

What is the process for submitting design requests within the membership?

Upon activating your membership, a Trello account invitation awaits you, streamlining the design request process. Trello offers flexible options, allowing direct submission or comprehensive details shared via Google Docs. Embrace interactive communication by recording video briefs to vividly articulate your vision. Links, docs, or videos—choose your preferred method for a seamless and efficient design experience tailored to your style.

What is the established process or policy if I am not satisfied with the delivered design?

Your satisfaction reigns supreme, and I adhere to an unlimited revisions policy designed to exceed your expectations. As your dedicated design collaborator, I work in tandem with you to bring your envisioned magic to life. Your feedback is integral, and I’ll incorporate it meticulously, making adjustments until the final result elicits 100% satisfaction.

What is the procedure if I have only one design request for the entire duration of my monthly membership?

Whether you have a single design request or many throughout your monthly membership, you’re in control. Activate the pause feature at any time for a creative siesta, ensuring you maximize your membership without any rush. LAIX Pause Feature offers flexibility, allowing you to relax and resume your design journey at your pace when you’re ready to make an impact.

what is the refund policy in the event of dissatisfaction with the provided service?

I am dedicated to delivering top-notch design excellence. While refunds are not provided, I am committed to delivering exceptional service. Infused with love, care, and creativity, my designs aim for your complete satisfaction. I work tirelessly to ensure you are delighted, leaving you feeling like a star in your unique endeavors.